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Frequently Asked Payment Questions Frequently Asked Payment Questions

1. What payment options do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

2. Do you accept cheques or money orders?
We do not accept cheques of any kind. Due to new eBay regulations effective January 15, 2009 we are no longer able to accept moneyorders.

3. Do you accept wire transfers or PayPal?
At this moment we do not offer these payment options.

4. Are sales taxes applicable to purchases?
Residents of Ontario pay both the federal(GST) and provincial(PST) sales tax. Canadian residents outside of Ontario pay only the GST, except for NS, NB and NFLD which will have to pay the Harmonized Sales Tax(HST). Residents outside of Canada pay no sales tax. Taxes will be calculated automatically, during the check-out process if applicable.

5. I live outside of Canada (or Ontario), why do I have to pay sales tax when purchasing in person at your store?
Unfortunately the Canadian tax regulations state that any tax exemption applies only to goods shipped out of province or country. Any in store purchase is subject to sales tax irregardless of residency.

6. I live outside of Canada , am I able to recoup the taxes paid for in store purchases?
In most cases the GST paid can be recouped and PST over $50.00CDN can be recouped by filling out appropriate forms at the border.

7. What is the difference between "Buy Now" and "Order Now"?
Products listed as "Buy Now" means that the items have been reserved and set aside for sale on our website and thus are available for immediate delivery. Products listed as "Order Now" means that the items may or may not be in stock. If the item is in stock in our retail store then the item can be shipped immediately. If it is not in stock you can still purchase the item and we will order it for you. We will also email you to let you know the wait time for receipt of your product. In general if our suppliers have the items in stock in their warehouse it will take about a week for them to deliver to our store. Some specialty or custom made products may take anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks such as custom goalie pads.

8. I used your checkout service did my payment go through?
After you check out, our system will send you a confirmation email which details your order number, order date, products information, shipping address, billing address and payment method. It also offers one link for you to track the order status. The order status for your order is "pending" until we process your order. Usually we will process your order within 48 hours, and change your order status to "processing", you will receive an update email. If you pay by credit card, we will charge your credit card through our terminal, if it can go through, we will do the delivery the next day and change the order status to "delivered" once the package is picked up by the carrier you chose during your checkout. In case the credit card couldn't go through, we will email you immediately and we can work together to figure out the reason. If you pay by money order, we can only process your order after your money order is received. If we don't receive your money order after 14 days as of checkout date, we have to delete your order and restock our product.

9. What Currency will my sale be charged in?
Since we are located in Canada all sales will be charged in Canadian funds. For USA and international customers the credit card company will convert the funds to your country's currency. Please note that currency exchange rates can sometimes fluctuate daily and that each financial institution will have their own rates. Since this is beyond our control we cannot be held responsible for differences in price due to currency fluctuations.

10. What Exchange Rate do you use when I view items in US dollars?
To help our US customers decide how our competitive our prices are, we offer US currency price. However, we only allow Canadian currency payment. We are using the most up-to-date exchange rate by retrieving data from oanda or xe exchange server. You can log on to or to see how this works. We are doing our best to update the exchange rate everyday, however, we can not guarantee any accurate exchange rate you might expect. If you have any questions about exchange rate, its better to give us a call before you place your order.